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hello! A few weeks ago I accepted an offer to a school I’m really excited about attending. I’m finishing undergraduate studies now, however, and am worried that if my grades aren’t great in my last semester (not terrible, just not a bunch of A’s) or something that my offer could be rescinded? 


Is that a thing? Or would they have had to outline some sort of caveat to the offer in the letter or agreement? I’m still kind of in shock that I am going to grad school, so I don’t know if I’m creating problem situations where they don’t exist. 


Thanks for any help! 

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So most schools have a minimum GPA you are required to be admitted so as long as your GPA doesn't fall below that (which is usually a 3.0) I highly doubt they would rescind your offer, and frankly even if you did fall below that minimum I don't think many schools would rescind their offer. My advice would be to look up the admissions requirements for your school/program and as long as your GPA is going to stay above or very near that minimum I think you will be fine.

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