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Waiting but swayed by another program


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So I have a question, has this happened to anyone else? I applied to a MA program in the humanities (being vague here sorry lol). I was waitlisted to my #1 choice school. In the meantime I declined admission at a program that I knew wouldn't be a good fit. But I am still considering an additional program which admitted me and has been wooing me hard. They offered me partial funding (with the explicit possibility of additional funding in the future), TA work and assistance finding paid internships. Funding is my primary concern and they were very accommodating and open to discussing methods for financing the MA. I have been to a open house as well as sitting in on a couple of seminar classes.  The advisor's research aligns well with my interests and I just like the overall vibe of the school. 

School #1 waitlisted me but for almost a year it was my #1 choice in my head. But, now that I have been interfacing so much more with school #2 I think I would rather go there.  The catch is that school #1 is significantly less expensive than school #2 to the point where I could personally pay for the entire program myself without loans or hustling for funding. I don't have a problem with a hustle, but I am worried that even if school #2 is willing to help that I would be worried about money for 2 years which could be distracting while also in the midst of a grad program. Also, I feel like since school #2 has been interfacing with me so much that I had the opportunity to find out more about the program. Whereas I haven't communicated with #1 very much at all because of being on the waitlist. 

Really I am just stressing because I won't know until early next week what their decision is. So this may all be a moot point if I get rejected. 

Has anyone else changed their mind about which program they wanted to attend while waiting, either waitlist or in general? 

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