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MSc. in Data Science (USA vs. UK)


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Hi guys,

I am an Indian citizen. I have an offer for MSc. in Data Science & Machine Learning from University College London for Fall 2018. I also have an offer for MSc. in Computer Science (Data Science track) from University of Southern California for Fall 2018. 

I am extremely confused on which among these to choose. Although I like the course structure and research environment offered by UCL more, I am not sure if a 1 year MSc. degree from UK would be recognized worldwide. As I would be taking education loan of £27000 if I opt UCL, I am hoping to get a job in UK (in the field of Data Science), after the completion of masters, so that I can repay my loan faster. But since the UK immigration is quite strict on not letting international students stay in their country after they finish the program(only 4 additional months on the visa after completing MSc.), I am not sure how feasible this would be. 

On the other hand, although USA is quite lenient on allowing the students to work after their Masters, I am quite worried about the growing competition imposed by the large influx of international students (especially in the field of science) in USA. Plus, I am not sure if USC would be a better choice than UCL, as UCL is one of the leading computer science universities in the world.

I would really appreciate any form of advice, especially in the terms of comparing the universities and the countries. It would be great if I can hear from any previous international student's experience in UK on job search and strength of their degree.

Thanks :)  


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