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Seeking Advice: International Social Work and Art Therapy


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I am a Peace Corps Volunteer starting her grad school search/journey. I have a B.S. in Stats and a B.A. in Math. A few years experience in finance and operations, currently a math and literacy teacher.

What I am really interested in is the idea of identity and how that has an effect on mental health and how that can affect a societys growth. I really want to practice expressive arts therapies and research the effects on lower income communities domestically and also in the developing world. I have done a few projects here in West Africa and it is amazing to see how much ones confidence can rise from creativity. And this confidence in turn can lead to societal and economic growth. I am still really coming around to understanding what it is I want to study. 

I know Lesley University in Boston has an amazing Art Therapy program but I don't know if that allows for the international work I want to do. U Michigan and U Chicago seem to have good international social work programs but I'm not really certain if they would provide the Art Therapy type background I am looking for. 

I feel like this post is a little all over the place but any and all advice would be welcome!

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