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Electrical Engineering PhD Admission


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Hi Friends, I am an international student and applied for PhD position. I have a bachelor of engineering(BE) degree in Electornics Engineering(73 %age) and master of Science degree in Systems Engineering (70 %age) with GRE Score of A=560, Q=740 and AW=2.5 . I have applied for following universities and waiting(did anyone get acceptance?) and now wants to guess my chance to get acceptance in these universities.

1) University of Central Florida (UCF) (need assistantship too)

2)Washington University in St. Louis(WashU)-(need assistantship too)

3) UT-Austin(may be without assistantship)

4) Purdue (may be without assistantship)

5) UIUC(may be without assistantship)


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Further that I am interested in EM as a field for my PhD and an associate professor in UCF have recommended me for fellowship :lol: . My application is now in front of recommendation committee and I am waiting very enthusiastically about this decision.

Regards Again

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