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Masters in Aerospace - University of Toronto, Cranfield University, or NTU/TUM?

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Hello Everyone,

I have been accepted into the following programs and am now in the midst of figuring out which program to choose:

  • University of Toronto: 2 year M.Eng Aerospace Engineering

  • Cranfield University: 1 year M.Sc in Aerospace Dynamics

  • Nanyang Technical University/Technical University of Munich: 2 year joint M.Sc in Aerospace Engineering

Just a bit of background on myself. I completed my Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering at another Canadian university. I have a Canadian citizenship so in terms of tuition University of Toronto is the cheapest for me. In the future, I would like to pursue a career in North America.

I have read reviews in which people say the joint program between Nanyang and TUM is not that great, and it is also the most expensive out of all three (not to mention I would be paying 2 years worth of living expenses). So I am actually leaning towards not picking Nanyan/TUM. I know that University of Toronto has a higher ranking than Cranfield University, but it is an M.Eng program and the possibility of a PhD in the future has crossed my mind. Everything I've read about Cranfield also bodes well, so I am having difficulty deciding.

Would any of you have any suggestions and/or insights into these programs? Thanks a bunch!

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