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New Employer Transitions


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I am starting grad school in the fall!  I'm pumped.  As part of my program I will be in class part-time and working full time. 

My program has some recommendations that if you aren't employed in the field, social work or human services, that you volunteer in the field.  I can't afford to volunteer a lot of hours but found a perfect position that suits my skills and meets the schools recommendation... and its PAID (not much but still paid)!  I was offered the position, which I accepted. 

In the interview I asked about flexibility in the schedule, as it bumps up with my current job.  This job is only 10 hours a week.  I can't and won't quit my other position that is a lot more hours, that I love and have been doing for years and that pays really well for the hours.   Anyway, my new employer seemed a bit annoyed when I asked about scheduling.  It was something I discussed in the first interview because its important but now the "flexibility" they said was there doesn't really seem to be. 

I guess I'm just venting and stressed because I wanted this job to fit well with my other and it looks like it might not be as smooth and seamless as I thought.  I worried that if things don't go well I'll have 2 unhappy employers and a super stressed me...  The one employer I have been with for years is just wonderful and is going through a lto of trouble to help me make this work.  I just want them to know it's appreciated and that if shit hits the fan, I choose them.  AHHHH!  I'm stressed, can you tell?!  And school hasn't even started yet...  Send love and schematics for a time machine please. 

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