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Antioch University Seattle - CMHC program


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I am looking into attending the Clinical Mental Health Counseling program at Antioch University in Seattle, but anytime I ask people (some ppl in the psych field and some locals who wouldn't necessarily know) what they think of them, they have all either known nothing significant about them or had never heard of them. Now, I know that's not a good sign, but I've done my homework, and according to my efforts at research (not sure what I should be looking at really), they SEEM like a great school. The problem is, why doesn't anyone in Seattle know that? It's a 3.5 year program, private school, and not cheap. But the people that work and attend seem to GUSH about it. They're accredited by CACREP, and they say they have no issues with placement... But why does no one know them? It's weird, right? They did used to be in an old run down building before they built an office downtown, and they're a liberal arts school, so maybe they just weren't noticed by the elitists and therefore overlooked by everyone? UW is the big school out here, so maybe they just overshadow them too much? I just want to know what's what before I decide to go to this school. Overall I have a good, but cautious, feeling about them. They seem to have a good focus on important issues (hence the CACREP accred). Anyone ever heard of them?? Have any advice about going to a school no one seems to have anything to say about? I'm scared, but also very into their program...

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