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How can a CS/math minor graduate get into a great Psychology Doctorate program?



I want to get a PhD in psychology. I have a computer Science /minor in math with a 2.9. I worked two jobs while in school (as a software technician and a Calculus tutor) and I have one year experience as a SW engineer outside of school. I am currently 25 years old. How can I get accepted into a great PH.D psychology program? 


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I would honestly probably recommend you consider a psychology masters program. Your GPA is quite low for psych PhD programs, so getting a great masters GPA will help.  You also definitely need psychology research experience. Although computer science and quantitative skills are valuable, nothing about your current experience shows that you're interested in research, psychology or know anything about the field. After completing the masters, you could apply for the psych PhD. Getting into a "great" program, however, is extremely competitive and you will need a high masters GPA, high GRE scores, lots of research experience, and great letters of recommendation, preferably mostly from researchers in psychology and psychology-related fields. 

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