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About mobile plans for international students

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Hey all,

I am moving from Brazil to Buffalo-NY in August to start my PhD and I was wondering what options I have for mobile phone plans as a non-citizen. I lived in the US before as an exchange student and I also have a social security number, but by that time I had those pre-paid phones which you can buy on walmart and have no contract, but they have very limited access to the internet and additional data packages are very expensive. As I will spend much more time in the states this time (around 5 years), I would like to have one of those monthly plans that have far more benefits than a prepaid one. What are the possibilities for an international student like me, (non-citizen, without a credit history but holding a social security number)? Will it be possible to enroll in any of these popular carriers (AT&T, Verizon, TMobile) by the time I arrive in the US?

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