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Applying to Canadian MA ECON programs with Two Undergrads


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Hi there everyone

I've recently graduated with a BA in Economics, but it was not my first degree. I studied math before and also hold a BMath in Statistics. Both degrees were awarded from the same university (Waterloo). In terms of grades, I did much better in my econ degree than I did in my math (I'm talking about over a 20% difference in average). 

I'm interested in applying for MA programs in Canada next year, and I was wondering if anyone has similar experience? If you had two degrees (or perhaps you did a lot of one, then switched majors), how did it work out for you? I've asked some of the schools already (e-mailed their respective admissions officers), but many of them just gave vague answers such as "we look at everything" or "everything is considered" (at least the programs I'm highly interested in).

Any responses are appreciated!





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