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CS master CMU MIIS or Upenn in CIS


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Hey, I know this is kind of late but I'm still considering which computer science program will give me a better opportunity to get into industry after two years. 

To me, CMU admission is like a big surprise. I know CMU has very good reputation in CS fields and would like to go there if its tuition is not that high. But I also heard that there are so many CS students in CMU and peer pressure is a big issue there. Companies may try to consider students from other schools. I don't know whether I should take the risk of paying the high tuition.

Upenn is a more affordable choice for me and its CIS program has been getting better these years. However, people around me all tell me that the CIS program in Upenn is not at the same level as MIIS in CMU.

I really appreciate anyone who can give any suggestion for me. Thanks :)!

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