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University of Oregon

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I saw plenty of acceptances on the results search a few weeks ago, so I know there are some GCers out there who are interested in the program. If you're one of the lucky ones, are you planning on attending the Open House this Thursday/Friday? What's your field? How is this school stacking up against your other acceptances?

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I also received an offer from Oregon. Today, I declined it. I would have loved to make it to the visiting weekend (not least of all because I've always wanted to visit the Pacific Northwest!), but I'm in a wedding this weekend followed by another visit, and became increasingly sure I wouldn't be accepting it over the other offers I have in hand, especially without visiting. I told myself I was going to wait until I had heard from all my schools, but as many programs seem to be notifying rather late this year and I'm still waiting on four, I figured I should do my part to put any hopeful Oregon waitlisters out of their misery (I'm on one myself), so I hope my declining results in an acceptance for someone else out there deserving!

Oregon seems like a lovely program. Good luck!

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intextrovert, That is thoughtful and kind of you to notify them as soon as you made your decision not to attend; I am sure whomever is pulled from the waitlist will be incredibly grateful. Sorry I won't get to meet you this weekend, but I wish you the best as you make your final decision.

If anyone would like to chat about the visit weekend at Oregon, send me a message.

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