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Economics / MPP / IR in USyd


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hi all. saw that schools that were mentioned are usually top 10 with some french / sg schools thrown in after scanning through the threads. anyone has any idea about sydney? any advice for the stated courses if it's recommended to do it or not? fees will range between 80k - 100k. 

my background is kinda rough. bad grades for my degree from a satellite uni in finance. have been working a few years now in many kinds of jobs - data quality in a bank, web developer for 2 months,  industry research and reporting in another bank, research internship w a banking magazine.  

Taking a course in IR is to satisfy what i couldn't do for my undergrad which has made me very unhappy since. MPP / Econs seem to be a more practical choice with some leeway to be exposed to IR as well. I am not sure if the IR / MPP degrees can boost my employability since i do not have much concrete experience.

Appreciate any responses. Thank you.

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