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anyone heard from these schools?


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I got an email from a prof at Yale. It was very vague. They basically asked me if I had any questions about the program and told me Yale was a great place to get my PhD and they knew I would like it. No formal offer yet... I think they may have been fishing. I know several others who have been accepted to WUSTL but I didn't apply there.

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congrats anjor ! even i am waiting anxiously for UMD results since one of my friends has already got a rejection so i am hoping that they might be considering me !!! hope i have crossed that barrier . :)

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I congratulate everyone who have got accepted to a university. I applied to Mitchigan state,kentucky,lehigh,william and mary, bowling green state, and u of buffalo and heard nothing yet from any except BGSU. They gave me an offer but not yet TA. Has anyone got accepted to these universities..

I am little worried..

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