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School advise based on profile?


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i everyone I'm seeking some advice on what schools to apply to for MS in CS. I've been diligently researching schools and thus far think UVA and Stoney Brook U are appropriate target schools. Could really use the advice on what other schools to target!!


Major: International Affairs + Computer Science at George Washington University, with Arabic Minor

UGPA: 3.46,  CS Major GPA: 3.56,  4.0 over 4 courses for cybersecurity concentration (1 of which taken at the graduate level)

GRE: 168 (Q) 167(V) 5 (AW)

Research: Senior Thesis measuring the impact of the Snowden disclosures on terrorist operations security. Hope to get this published. (Paper reads as a Cyber Intelligence Report)

Work Experience: Various International Affairs internships(1 of which served as a counterterrorism analyst for a think tank, another for an NGO in Amman, Jordan). Current Front Office Developer for Investment Banking Company. 

LORs: Expecting good letters of recommendations from CS professors and Thesis advisor

I'm interested in ML research applied to Cyber Security problems and using the MS as a stepping stone to a PhD program

Any advice on attainable schools would be greatly appreciated!


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