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GRE Prep: Magoosh or Prepscholar


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Hello Everyone,


I was wondering if anyone could offer their opinion on which is a better option for GRE Prep : Magoosh or Prepscholar.

Prepscholar is currently cheaper than Magoosh( $78 for one year versus $149 for six months)  but I am wondering if one is distinctly better than the other especially for someone looking to get high scores.

See links below for their respective prices.

Thank you.




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I cannot give any opinion of Prepscholar because I have never used it.

When I gave the test, I bought Magoosh (6-month plan). I went through the course as a supplement in addition to official materials. Anyway, I ended up appearing for GRE twice. To be honest, I feel Magoosh overprepares exam takers with super difficult questions or those with extreme tricks when in fact the hardest questions in the real test would not be that hard. So in my opinion, official materials are the best thing you need. If you wish, you can supplement with this online course but never use it as your main prep source.

Good luck!

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