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MA Sotheby's and Christie's New York 2019-2020


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Hello , 

I'm planning to apply for Master's at Sotheby's and Christie's 2019-2020 New York. 

I will be finishing my undergraduate degree in France next year 2019, and I'm quite overwhelmed by the whole application process for the Master's degree in New York. 

My french university grades converted to US system aren't that superior, they are pretty mediocre. (considering the US system and French system are totally different, my grades are Okay in French standard)

Nonetheless, I'd like to give it a shot at Sotheby's and Christie's for Art Business / Art Law programs, which are my dream school .  

I don't know anyone who has been accepted to the program, having nobody to ask for an advice, I'm going through a really difficult time with the preparation process, especially the Skye interview. 

I've heard that the oversees students are required to have a several skype interviews. I've heard that the interviews not only include personal questions, but also some unexpected pop quiz and test, which the interviewer gives you one hour to read an art related article and write a review on it, or identify and write a commentary of the art work that has no caption . 

I will be eternally grateful for the advice from someone who has gone trough the master's program at Sotheby's / Christie's.

Thank you in advance.   

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