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Computational Biology Profile Evaluation / Advice


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Hello Everyone! The subject line is pretty straight forward-- I could use all the advice I can get! Looking to apply to PhD, but may have to apply to Masters first if I am not competitive enough yet. ANY insight is appreciated. 


Undergrad Institution: Large(ish) public. Has a comp-bio department in the med school.

Double Major: Mathematical Biology; Statistics

GPA: Will graduate with GPA between 3.85 - 3.90

Type of Student: Domestic Female


Coursework: Mathematical Biology is housed in the math department, so the majority of my classes are math (and stats from the stats major). Courses include: Calc 1-3, Linear Alg, Differential Equations, Theoretical Math, Vector Analysis, Numerical Analysis, Numerical Linear Algebra, Data Science, Computational Biology (bio department), Mathematical Biology (math department), Stat Packages (R, SAS), Regression,  2 semesters in Probability Theory, intro Math Stats, Foundations of Biology 1+2, Categorical Analysis, engineering analysis (Matlab, html)

Relevant Experience: SIBS (Summer institute in biostatistics), REU in computational biology, some research experience during the school year

Concerns: A lot of my programming experience is self taught through research, but I think I am pretty good at it. I have lots of experience in R, bash scripting, python, matlab. However, since I haven't taken formal CS classes, it may be hard for the admissions committee to see this. Also, no publications. I just feel like I dont really stand out. Nothing on my resume is bad, but feeling kinda average. 

Letters of Rec: Two from research advisors, most likely the other one will be from a professor

Honestly, I have no idea where I'm going to apply yet. So, really any suggestions/advice would be greatly appreciated. Might be taking a year or two to do research after I graduate. PhD program is my goal, but may have to apply to Masters first. 


If anyone has experience applying to computational biology programs, I can not tell you how much I would appreciate your insight! Feeling pretty lost at the moment.


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