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Anxieties... does it come too early?


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I'm currently a second year undergraduate in Tongji University (guess you never heard of it... maybe students of archetecture would know it).

My GPA is top one in the department and I've taken GRE general last semester,  V167, Q170.

I found I'm interested in Astrophysics (Highe Energy) and has been doing some work in a research group in Fudan. 

I've been trying to do the best on every thing I could do (GPA, GRE, etc.) However, I've got the feeling that I'm lagging further and further from true good students. They've found summer internship even in the first year while I never got accepted by groups in US universities. They've been to Tokyo, Berkeley, Harward etc, as exchange students while the only chance I got is a university in Italy (actually any European citizen could enter, no matter how bad academic performance). They've done several reports in internation conference while I've just finished a simple research project. Finally, the result is that I'm so boring that tons of time was devoted into stupid exams like GRE.

The anxiety has hauntered me since entering college (guess that's why I've took GRE early). I think the anxiety comes from confusion about the future. I have no idea which PhD program I'll be able to enter. Does someone here have any idea?

Well, maybe it's something regarding psychology, it's 2am in Roma. I'm sorry for this semi-complaint-like post.

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