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Creating Vocab Flashcards. Other suggestions for studying vocab?


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I recently bought the Barron's Essential Words for the GRE 4th edition book and I have been creating flashcards for the words I don't know from a can of paint, which happens to be a hell of a lot of them. I write down the definition and write down a sample sentence as well. I know that this is a lot of work but is this even worth doing to improve my score? I figure that actively writing down the word and associating it with a simple sentence will help me memorize the words. 
Would my time be better spent looking at a Quizlet GRE hit parade or buying one of those flashcard sets? 

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Magoosh has a free vocabulary flashcard app (called "GRE vocabulary flashcards"), hundreds upon hundreds of words. That's all I used for vocab. Maybe try it and see if it helps you as much as writing them down!

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