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Gre and magoosh


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I used magoosh to study for the GRE in the last application cycle and I definitely recommend it. I used it for 6 months, studying about 1 ~ 2 hours everyday. My scores in the first practice tests that I took were in the mid 150, and I ended up scoring 166 (quant), 165 (verbal), and 5.0 (writing).

I also recommend doing a lot of practice tests - Manhattan sells 6 practice tests for 39 dollars; it is probably the best you can find (excluding the ones from ETS) and definitely worth it.

EDIT: the material in magoosh is all updated for the new GRE. There are classes that cover all content of the GRE, and many exercises with video explanations. The vocabulary flashcards are also really useful (especially for those who have english as a second language).

Good luck!

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