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Canadian PhD students studying in the USA?


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Hey! I was just wondering if any other Canadian students were working toward their doctorates in the USA. I plan on coming back and was speaking to a mentor here yesterday. He is older and long out of school but, he felt I should skip the APPIC internship year and come back to work toward licensure here in Ontario. 

Do you know if it is possible to skip out on internship year in the USA and do it in Canada? If so, would the hours I work count toward licensure or no. My thought is that I need to finish my EPPP before counting hours.

Also, noted on the website that since he runs a large private practice, it needs to fulfill certain requirements in order to count. He has young professionals working on their hours there so, I doubt it will be a problem. 


thank you for any info

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I’m not even sure what your mentor is suggesting or why he thinks it would be a good option, since Canadian students also apply through APPIC and complete a predoctoral internship. It’s typically a requirement for graduation and most jobs. It sounds like he might have some outdated information. You could certainly apply to Canadian internship sites, but I definitely would not skip your internship to work in a private practice. 

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6 hours ago, claremaguire said:

I think he believed the APPIC year to be the year after internship year. I am really interested in coming back to Canada to do an internship but, I am worried I won't be as competitive as Canadian students. Have you begun the internship process?

Ah, makes sense! I believe applications for post docs are also through APPIC, so that’s likely what he was thinking of. 

I won’t be applying for internship for awhile. I’m not sure if coming from a US program will affect your chances, but you’ll have a better shot if you’re a Canadian citizen than international applicants. I would recommend taking a look at the APPIC stats because they have a ton of information on previous application cycles. 


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