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2019 Stats PhD Eval

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Undergrad/grad Institution:  Top 15 US University BS/MS
Major: Statistics 
GPA: 3.93
Major GPA: 3.84
Type of Student: Domestic White Male
Undergrad Courses: 
Calc II (A+), Calc III (A-), Lin Alg (A), Diff EQ (A+), Discrete Math (A), Probability (A), Stats (A+), Stochastic Processes (A-), Optimization (A+), Time Series Analysis (A-), Graph Theory (B)
Grad Courses Will Take Next Semester:
Real Analysis, Optimization Theory, Stat Theory, Matrix Analysis or Machine Learning (definitely first 3 and one of these last 2)
Q: 170
V: 169
W: 5.5
Math GRE:
Should I take this?
Programs Applying: 
Statistics/Biostatistics PhD (Good bio background)
Research Experience: 
2 years in behavorial bio/nuero research lab not doing too much important.
Been working on since last semester, a research paper/project in ML that I hope to publish and that I will also likely write a masters thesis on.
Recommendation Letter: 
Probably research advisor and 2 professors or 1 professor and supervisor from current data analyst internship.
Coding Experience:
R, Python, MATLAB, C


  • Lack of good research experience.
  • Lack of great recs.

Is a top 20 stats program possible? Would I be more suited for biostats with my bio background? Should I wait until 2020 when the research paper is more likely done and can get better recs? Is the Math GRE subject test important?

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