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Any Biochemistry Program Recommendation?

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Hey friends, application season is coming up and I still have no idea whether I should apply this fall or take a gap year. My background is 

- international students

- undergraduate B.S. in Chemical biology of a top public school in the U.S. 

- 2 years of research in total, 7 months on a project that leads to a publication in CNS, 1+ years in another lab doing more bio stuff. These might sound promising, but the truth is I haven't had much interaction with my PI, so I'm not sure what the quality of rec letter will be TT. 

- GPA 3.1 (SAD), GRE verbal 159, math 167, writing 4.5

My concern is with a GPA like that, I prolly don't have a chance for top schools and top programs. Does anyone have program recommendations? or Do you think I should take a gap year (maybe find a way to boost my GPA or have more research experience) and apply for fall 2020? 

Thank you so much for anything really. Anything would be helpful!!!!

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