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Applying to MS Statistics, but I am very scared of GRE


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Hi everyone, I am applying to a terminal MS Statistics at San Jose State University (SJSU). The program is about 6-7 years with no funding provided. Here is some info about the program http://www.sjsu.edu/statistics/degrees/statmaster/.  I am very worried about GRE right now, as the only section I think I can do well is the quantitative reasoning. As English is not my first language, the other two sections are beyond my ability. Because I am applying to a quantitative major, I wonder if those two sections really weigh much. 

I am now also a Statistics undergrad at SJSU ( I have a minor in Computer Science, too). My GPA is about 3.37. I've got B for all Calculus and Linear Algebra. But for upper-division Stats classes so far, I've got all A. I didn't intend to major in Stats in Freshman year, so I wasn't so serious in Math classes. But later I realized I have a passion for Stats, and I've made a lot of effort. Some of my Stats professors who agree to recommend me told me that I am one of their good and diligent students. I also may qualify for an upcoming research opportunity. I hope those factors can somehow compensate for my low GRE score. To be honest, it is very likely that I will end up with a 2-ish in analytical writing.

I hope you guys can give me some perspective. Thank you so much.

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