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2019 Statistics PhD Profile Eval


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Undergraduate Institution: Top 10 Public University

Major: Statistics

GPA: 3.98

Type of Student: Asian Female, International

GRE General: 155 Verbal, 170 Quant, 4.0 Writing

Research Experience: None

Research Interests: Computational Statistics, Statistical Learning Theory

Work Experience: A couple of data analytics internships

Letters of Recommendation: 2 from Statistics professors / 1 from Mathematics professor, all 3 of them should be very strong

Computing Skills: Python, R, SAS


Relevant Coursework: Linear Algebra (A), Multivariate Calculus (B), Numerical Analysis (A+), Discrete Mathematics (A), Measure Theory (A), Probability and Statistics (A+), Regression Analysis (A), Data Analysis (A), Statistical Computing (A), Experimental Design (A), Time Series (A), Survival Analysis (A), Probability Theory (A), Stochastic Processes (A), Mathematical Finance (A+)


Applying to:



U Chicago

Carnegie Mellon

U Washington





NC State

Penn State

Ohio State

Iowa State


To be honest, I do not know the reputation of different Statistics PhD programs well. This is just a list of schools that I know or have heard of. Any suggestions on my list? Currently, I'm thinking of removing U Chicago and U Washington from the list and add Texas A&M and Minnesota.

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