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Question about UNLV MFA translation and study abroad aspects


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Hi, folks. I've been scouring the UNLV MFA website and these forums, but I have several questions (for UNLV students or anyone in the know) about the translation and study abroad aspects of the program. I am also thinking of just contacting the school itself, but in addition to these questions, I'm curious about anyone's experience in the UNLV MFA! I want to know you're feeling about the program or how you felt if you've left.

  • What level of competency in a non-English language must you demonstrate to get in to the program at all, if any? I imagine some would be needed prior, but I don't see it on the requirement list. I see no language test requirements or "fluency" mentioned. Super confused.
  • What level of competency in a non-English language must you possess to successfully complete the foreign language/translation and study abroad coursework and semester?
  • If you want to focus on a specific language/country that speaks a specific language, but no UNLV faculty specialize in that language, must you choose another?

I think that's all for now. Thanks!

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