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What are the odds to get into a top PhD program given my background


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Hi, I'm a non-american second year masters in CS student at an American institution which is ranked between 60-70 by USNews within CS Grad Schools. I got my Bachelor's degree from a foreign university with a GPA of 3.0. I've been working as a RA with a professor whose area isn't CS but his research is informatics so I've been working with lot of CS focused stuff. My current GPA is 3.61 and it'll probably go up this semester as well. I'm a co-author in one published journal article. I'm waiting for two journal articles to be reviewed by peer reviewed journals in which I'm the first author in one of them. I have another project that I submitted to a ML conference that is under review as well. Before applying to PhD programs I'll be submitted 2 other manuscripts. They are almost ready but we didn't submitted yet. Besides, I've around 10 poster presentations in various conferences. I've almost 2 years of research experience and I wonder if I have the proper chance to get in some top 10 CS PhD programs in US like Stanford, CMU etc. (I wonder 10 to 20 as well if you have idea). My current advisor already offered me RAship through PhD program in my current institution but I'd like to do research in a more known university. I'm a mediocre open source contributor with some projects that has some stars but nothing major. I also started two failed startups and made their codes open source.

My undergrad education were related with mostly data science and engineering. I took lots of grad level data engineering courses when I was in undergrad. So, in masters, I focused on not taking the best courses but focused on doing more research. I've been working on deep learning applications within my advisor's field, though not all my publications or research are on deep learning applications. I'd like to work on deep learning but I feel that this field has more people than it really needs. So, I'm open to other fields as well.

I know this isn't a wanted question but I just need some advice from experienced people. Please let me know, what you think about the odds for me to get into a top school. Thanks for reading!

PS, Journals are non-CS software journals even though they mostly have Impact Factor greater than 1.5.

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