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Partners of gay international grad student

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Just wanna start a thread to understand how gay international grad students can stay with their partners together during grad school

Visa issues? - can you actually get them to apply for a F-1 dependent visa if the couple has a marriage certificate?

Financial issues? Lets assume there is no financial issues (partner have enough saved up to support himself)

Social issues? How to come out to your grad school mates?

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I can't say this for sure but I think marriage certificates for same-sex couples acquired in other countries might not be recognised by US immigration. I say this because civil unions granted in certain states aren't even recognised in the rest of the US.

What country are you from? I'm from the UK but fortunately my partner is from the US so we'll actually be living together for the first time when I go to grad school.

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I would contact an immigration lawyer before attempting to enter the country. It's better to be safe than sorry when it comes to visa issues, and they always treat you better when you have all of your forms and documents in order before you arrive.

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Where are you going to school? No personal experience, but I imagine coming out at most any school outside the most conservative regions of this country would result in responses like "cool" or "hey, me too!" rather than anything dramatic or angry.

Generally I think it is important to keep political opinions to myself on the Internet, since meaningful dialogue requires immediate feedback and a two-way conversation. But: it sickens me to realize that you even have to wonder about this. Any two consenting adults in a committed relationship should have all the same rights as a man and a woman in one. You do not deserve to be kept apart from your love.

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Hey, so sorry to have to say this but I am 100% certain that the U.S. Federal Government does not recognize same sex marriage for immigration purposes. In fact, it seems that you are coming from a more liberal and open-minded homeland and I will find some of the Fed. policies shocking. In fact, even marriage certificates from state within the Union which allow same sex marriage (there is only one) will not be recognized by the Federal government for any Federal purpose at this point. So- taxes, immigration, claiming your partner's children as your own unless you have a second parent adoption in place, etc...are among the many rights that you will see abridged once you enter the country. Sorry, perhaps your partner can find another way to immigrate- perhaps an employment Visa or, like many people that I have seen a visitor's visa. Though you will have to incur a fair amount of expense to have him/her exit the country every three months and renew the visa.

As far as the social issue is concerned- I am hoping that it is no biggie- educated people are typically much more open minded than the majority of the population. Though I am sure there are homophobic graduate students and homophobic professors I do not think that it is an attitude that is voiced (though you might perceive it) very frequently.

Yeah.. Thanks for the input.. Anyone knows which is the cheapest return ticket out from Raleigh international airport?

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