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Low Cumulative GPA

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Undergrad Institution: Princeton
Major(s): Mathematics
GPA:  3.4

Major GPA: 3.9

Type of Student: Domestic Asian Male


Relevant Courses:

Honors Analysis I, II (B+, A), Complex Analysis (A-), Algebra I (A), Graph Theory (A), Statistics (A-), Probability and Stochastic Systems (A-), Graduate Probability Theory (A), Graduate Stochastic Calculus (A-), Seminar in Analysis (A).


Planning to Take Next Year: Graduate Statistical Theory, Topology, High-Dimensional Probability

GRE General Test: 
V: 162
W: 4.5

GRE Math Test: 940

Research Experience:  

  • One semester research experience with a math department professor in probability theory
  • Summer REU
  • Going to have a year long thesis in probability theory

Awards/Honors/Recognitions: None really

Letters of Recommendation: Three letters from the supervisors of my independent works. I think I maintained very close relationship with all of them, so the letters should be strong.

Comments: I am really concerned about my cumulative gpa. I had a lot of B’s in miscellaneous classes, and I was wondering if that is going to hurt my chances at top schools. Which range should I aim for realistically? Or should I apply for MS and then for doctorate programs? Thanks in advance!

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The cumulative GPA is a bit lower, but your math GPA and your GRE subject test score are superb. And you went to Princeton which has the best mathematics department in the country. I think you are in good shape to get admitted to a top Statistics program (if that's what you're interested in?)

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