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PhD application for Atmospheric sciences


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Hi. I am an Environmental Engineer from India with a Masters degree in Env. SCI & Engg. from IIT Bombay and with an undergraduate degree in Civil Engg. I am applying for PhD in Atmospheric sciences to various universities in the US. These include University of Washington, Texas A&M, UIUC, UCLA. I want to work exclusively on aerosols and cloud physics. Can somebody suggest if I am being too ambitious by applying to these universities given my profile. I am giving a brief overview of my profile here:

gre : quant 161 verbal 162 awa 3

Masters gpa 9.05/10

Research experience: *summer research fellowship by indian academy of sciences at Indian institue of sciences on aerosols

*Quick Hire Scientist Fellowship by the Council for scientific Industrial research India -past 2 years- handled 3-4 major research projects during this period focusing on air quality *Masters thesis-included research using CFD

sadly 0 publications except a book chapter published by elsevier

Kindly give your opinions on where I should apply.

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