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MS Statistics profile evaluation, Fall 2019 - what to do?


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Undergrad - Top 50 state school 

Major - Business

GPA - 3.3/4.0 

GRE - 163Q, 162V 

Grades - Honestly, most of my math grades are average/kinda shitty (did not have any discipline whatsoever in undergrad, but have been working for a couple of years since) -- Calc I (A), Calc II (C), Calc III (B+), Intro Math Stat I (C+), Intro Math Stat II(B-), Linear Algebra (B), Business Stat (A), Regression Models I (B+), Regression Models II (B+)

What are my chances of getting into an MS program in Statistics? I know I'm not Top 10 material, but I really do want to study the subject further, and I believe I have the mathematical ability and discipline to do well in grad school. Do I have a shot at a Top 20 or 25? (from the USNews ranking after excluding Biostat schools). I'd appreciate any advice or recommendations on what to do from here on. 


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