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Having Trouble Picking a Third LOR


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Hello all!


I'm having trouble deciding who would be the best 3rd LOR for my application for MPP programs. 


My first LOR would be my academic adviser/professor, who taught me 4 classes in my discipline, helped me publish academic papers, and we've stayed in touch to work on projects since I graduated over 2 years ago. My second LOR will be another professor who taught me several times (5), along with helping me get internships. I also worked as a research assistant for him and was a member of his undergraduate policy think-tank, leading to a policy report being published. We also stay in touch! They both know me exceptionally well, and I met them my first year of undergrad. Both in terms of academic ability and involvement outside of class, I think they'd write stellar letters. I often put them as references for jobs. 


But then there is the 3rd LOR. I will confess, I have a good problem to have, because I have 3 people in mind, but am struggling to identify who would be best.


1. Supervisor from Policy Internship my senior year of college

Pros: He understands my work, helped me publish the policy report I mentioned above, and we've stayed good friends working on political campaigns since then.

Con: I don't feel like he'll add anything new, but will confirm what the other 2 LOR say.


2. Supervisor from Campaign Internship 

Pros: Saw me purely in a work environment talking about the policies I cared about. We still stay in touch, despite the campaign being almost 5 years ago. She also gave a raving review for a job reference 5 months ago, and my employer cited her as a reason.

Cons: She does not have an impression of my academic side, and while she has fond memories of our campaign together, I wonder if the committee would prefer someone who I've collaborated with professional more recently than that.


3. The President of my College

Pros: He saw my leadership potential on campus and we stay in touch frequently. 

Con: All 3 of my references would be from my college, and I feel that I need to diversify the institutions I'm citing from.


I'm definitely leaning towards #2 right now, but I think I'd like to address my cons before making a final decision.


Any feedback would be appreciated!

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