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MS/PhD Applicant with limited math coursework

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Undergrad Institution: Public university with well regarded statistics department
Major(s): Statistics, Note I have a previous degree in biology with gpa of 3.6
Minor(s): Computer Science

GPA: 3.7, Math gpa: 3.9
Type of Student: DWM

GRE General Test:
V: 162
W: 3.5
GRE Subject Test in Mathematics:
Programs Applying: Biostatistics/Statistics MS/PhD
Research Experience: Currently I am not doing research.  I previously did research on satellite imagery.
Research interest: Survival Analysis, time series analysis, image analysis, statistical computation [ I feel a little weird saying these are interests since I really haven't taken a course on these, but I've read up on them and they are all very interesting to me ]
Letters of Recommendation: I have two letters from 2 math professors who I did well in their class.  I have one letter of recommendation from my former boss.  I think these letters are decent, but they are not letters from people that I've done long term research with.  Being out of school and working for several years makes getting academic letters a little tough since I felt that I could really only get letters from professors that I took courses in recently.
Math/Statistics Grades: Calc I-II AP creditCalc III A+, Intro to Proofs A+, Diff Eq A+, Intro Stats A-, Stats programming (in SAS) A, A's in all CS coursework ( 4 courses total )
Any Miscellaneous Points that Might Help: I recently have returned to school to finish up coursework to enter a graduate program in statistics.  I previously completed a degree in Biology and started working.  My biology gpa is not terrible, but not great either.  I was taking stats/CS class part time while working, but it was taking a very long time to complete so I'm back in school enrolled full time.  
Courses that I will complete and are going well this semester are Linear Algebra, Mathematical Stats, Course on Surveying, and Data Structures and Algorithms.
I intend to take real analysis in the Spring and potentially another class like abstract algebra.
A member of a successful startup.
I want to apply to a mix of masters and PhD programs.  Ultimately, I would like to be in a PhD program, but I also know that I probably don't really have a well-rounded profile (e.g. I have not taken many courses besides the most basic required math coursework).  My idea was to apply to a mix of stats and biostatistics programs.  Is it realistic to be applying to PhD programs with such a limited math background/my overall scores?  I've done well in the courses that I've taken recently, but I feel like it is much less than the course work that say a math major takes.  In general, I'm hoping to apply to mid-level stats and biostatistics programs.  I did not intend to apply to top 10 schools since I'm doubtful I have the academic record/scores to be competitive. Everywhere that I applied for PhD, I would be interested in also being accepted to MS program.
Programs for Stats:

UGA - PhD, I was very intrigued with the work using fMRI

UNC- MS, INSTORE specifically ( mix of OR and Stats )

NCSU - MS ( maybe PhD )

Duke - MS

Pitt - PhD


Duke - PhD


Emory - PhD

Houston - PhD

Florida - PhD

South Carolina - PhD

Any feedback would be helpful.  I'm trying to get a better feel of where I stand in the overall applicant pool.  Thanks.
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