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Hi all. This is a long post, my apologies! I would appreciate some advice!
    I am currently in the middle of going through the application process for history PhD programs and I'm in a bit of a pickle. So I originally went into my MA program in thinking I'd be working with more Europeanists, however the major person in my field went to take an administrative job and was more distant from the History Dept. I did get to do a directed reading with him and he was on my thesis committee. But, long story short, he essentially just signed off on the paperwork when it was time to file and hardly ever read it. Needless to say he's a nice guy but a bit "flaky." However I met with him a couple of times after and he did read my thesis and he said he liked it? But, sometimes he remembers me sometimes he doesn't? 
        Since I did not have any Europeanists in my field I kept my focus on Europe and ended up writing a transatlantic- UK-US relations thesis, however it was chaired and advised by 2 Americanists. Now it's time for me to gather Letters of Rec for my application for European history PhD programs, and so far I've only asked Americanists. Would that hurt my application if I don't have a letter from lets say at least one Europeanist? I don't think it will based on the fact that I want to look at Europe through a transatlantic lens--but should I diversify my letters or should I kept it at all Americanists? In all honesty, I fear that he won't write such a good letter, because of his "flaky" nature and his lapses in memory sometimes. Should I really keep my letters to people who I think will do a good job regardless of their field of history? 

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