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Duke check status link thing?


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Could anyone who's had a reply from Duke please have a quick look at the email you were sent and tell me if it's a generic link to a site where you can look up your result, or if it's a personal one just for you? I deleted my spam folder (all 100+ messages) without thinking, and if it's a generic link I needn't make a fool of myself emailing the admissions people yet again :)

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I received my notification last week, and I can verify that it's a generic link to the application site.

Just go to the application site and log in, and the decision notification link should be available. The financial award information, if there's anything of note, should also be in the mail.

Hope this helps.

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If you got the email stating that your decision was available, it's there.

I could have been too vague, so go log in again, and then scroll down to see where it lists your application. On the very bottom, it should tell you when your decision is supposed to be available. Mine was available 2/13/2008. It will then tell you if you can view it yet.

The entire Duke graduate school online notification system is the same, so you should be able to find where it says your decision is, or is not, available.

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