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Fall 2019 MS Statistics Profile Eval

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I am very interested in applying to Statistics for grad school, but would like to know more about my chances of getting in.

About myself:

Currently a Math/Finance student at a top Canadian University, my program is under the math faculty but is more leaning towards the business side. 

Courses taken: lin alg, calc, differential equation, optimization, several stat courses (for business students so they are slightly easier than the normal stat courses. But we have also covered topics such as stochastic process, different types of regression etc.) 

GPA: 3.92 (my school uses the percentage system and im a 91.5/100 atm), my math grades are mostly in the high 80s and 90s range but I only got a 78 for second year calc (calculus 3) despite the fact that I have been a TA for calc1 and calc2. 

Programming knowledge: python and R 

Working experience: have completed three internships, one at a top canadian asset management company and did a mix of quant+fundemental analysis, the most recent one was at a top US investment bank doing sales and trading


I am thinking about applying to columbia, nyu, berkeley and stanford mainly for their stat/data science/ financial engineering programs. 

I am wondering what my chances of getting in are cuz i feel like iam aiming a bit too high and the schools are a bit out of my league. 

Also i wonder what I should get for gre for these schools..


Really appreciate any information and/or advice! 

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