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Submitting GRE Math Subject Test results (Stats PhD)

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Would it be advantageous to include a GRE math subject test score of 80% in applications to (top 10) US statistics PhD programmes that don't require submitting it?

I have completed a 4 year undergraduate degree (graduating with a 2:1 ~ equivalent to a 3.7/3.8 GPA) from a top 3 UK university in mathematics so my mathematical background is already quite strong. I hesitate in including the math subject score because I think my undergraduate degree speaks more highly of my math knowledge than the GRE test (I could have improved on the score had I spent more time preparing). The only info I can find online re this issue is stanford's statistic that the average score for admitted candidates in stats was 89% (previously 82%)

Would including the score improve my application chances to universities that encourage or strongly recommend submitting a math subject test score (such as WashU, Columbia or Berkeley)?


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I think it is fine to submit this score. 89th percentile at Stanford is just the median; there are applicants who are accepted with lower scores.

The fact that you attended one of Oxford, Cambridge, or ICL for math and performed very well will certainly carry more weight and make you a top contender for a top Statistics PhD program in the U.S. These are some of the best schools in the world (both for mathematics and in general). So I can't see anyone questioning the rigor of your mathematical preparation. Hopefully your letters of recommendation will be very strong too.

Best of luck.

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