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Withdrawal and Untraceable Transcripts

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Hi all! I have a question which is torturing me XD I think I have found the solution but I wanted more confrontation from you guys. Long story short, I'm now applying for Grad school (PhD program, Japanese History). Yes, I'm in a frenzy, yes, I'm reviewing my writing sample, yes, I'm chiseling my SOP more and more. But I have one painful doubt. My story is a very common one: I'm an international student (Italian), I have graduated with honors from High School and then I was pressured by my family to choose a suitable faculty. I had always loved East Asia (I took Chinese classes very young, and I can assure you that in Southern Italy 10 years ago it was anything but easy), but I felt all the pressure to satisfy them. I attended for a year and a half a Faculty I hated: not because the subjects were uninteresting, but I just felt I betrayed myself. I withdrew and a few months later I started my BA in Japanese Studies, graduating with honors. Now, the thing is: some schools want ALL the transcripts of ALL the institutions you have attended. But unfortunately, since I IRREVOCABLY quit my previous studies, according to Italian University System, my transcripts just do not exist anymore. They're like vanished, so obviously I cannot upload them. Now, usually Universities want transcripts if you transfer from a college to another, so I think I do not need to upload anything related to my previous academic career, but has anyone come through the same situation? As for Columbia (first application I'm sending, the one which raised the issue), there is a box in which you can explain why you withdrew and when. Is it enough? :) 

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