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UCLA Faculty Preference for PhD Application


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Hey everyone,

So I recently received an email from UCLA statistics, asking me to fill out a form where I rank my preference of faculty members I would like to work with. Is this a good sign that I received this email or does everyone who applied get it?


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For what it's worth, I got this e-mail too.  You may have submitted yours early, but my submission was ~an hour and a half before the deadline, so I'm guessing this is more of an "everyone" thing, since I'm dubious they would've had time to really dig into my application.  Regardless, good luck!

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Agreed, I think this went out to everyone. And I'm glad it did because the ladder faculty page has been updated since I submitted my SOP (and they asked you to list 3 in the SOP). Looks like a professor was recently hired who is specializing in exactly my area of interest, so that's awesome.

I'm curious though, is it considered risky to pursue an advisor who has just recently joined the faculty, and thus has no history of advising students?

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