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Two semesters of analysis for stats grad school?

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How important is having two semesters of analysis for stats grad school?

At my school, there are two options to fulfill the analysis requirement for the math major: a two semester sequence called Analysis I-II, or an "intro to analysis" course. 

The I-II sequence covers the same topics as the intro course, though in much greater depth. It is also known to be virtually impossible to get A's, or A-'s, in the two course sequence, as it is not curved. 

So, my question is: would doing only one semester with the intro course look bad for stats grad school? Would the risk of taking a GPA hit with the two course sequence be worth it in the long run? Do stats grad programs typically expect students to have two semesters?


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For admissions - not a single program in the country requires more than one semester. One semester with an A will look way better than two semesters with Bs.  Obviously, more looks better though, and some programs ask for the books you use - an A in a Rudin course looks better than an A in an Abbott course.

If you go to a top program that requires you to take PhD probability, having more analysis will help a lot - especially if you are not naturally very good at math. 


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