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Profile evaluation for 2019 PhD programs (Canada)

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Type of Undergrad: B.A. (honors) Economics at relatively known school in California (UCSD)
Undergrad GPA: 3.55/4
Type of Grad: M.A. Economics, Simon Fraser University (Vancouver)
Grad GPA: 3.67/4 (first term)
GRE: is not required

Math Courses (all undergrad): Statistics I (A)
, Calculus (3 semesters) (A A A), Linear algebra (A)

Undergrad econ courses: introduction to micro and macro (A A), 2 semesters Macroeconomics (A B+), 3 semesters Microeconomics (B- A A), Intermediate Micro (A), 3 semesters Econometrics (A+ B+ A+), Game Theory (A), Decisions under uncertainty (B-), Mathematical Economics (A-), Economic Development (A), Monetary Economics (B+), Financial 
Martkets (B), Demographic Analysis and Forecasting (B+)

Grad econ courses: Advanced micro (A)
, Theoretical Econometrics (B), Economics Taxation (A)

Letters of Recommendation: Econ grad dept chair at grad school, Econometrics prof at grad school, Econometrics prof at UCSD (class I got A+), all three letters are likely not exceptionally strong.

Research Experience: none
Teaching Experience: TA in the second
 year and TA during grad school (undergrad statistics/undergrad maths/undergrad intermediate macro/grad advanced macro)
Research Interests: Behavioral Economics
Monetary Economics
SOP: Average
Concerns: NO research experience and average/low GPA, low Econometrics grades 

Coding skills: Stata

to : (All Ph.D. except for 1) SFU, Calgary, McMaster, Queen's, Western Ontario, McGill, UBC MSc in Finance, UBC Ph.D. in Strategic Economics (Business Administration)

Could you please comment on my chance of getting
 in to
 these schools?

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