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After phone interview with POI a month ago, should I inquire about application status?


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A little background:

I've been in contact with this POI since March, but we initially met three years ago at a conference. The phone call lasted close to 75 minutes. He told me the faculty were going to meet to decide on their initial round of acceptances the week of the 21st, then send them out by the first week of February. The day after the interview, I emailed him saying thanks and asked a question that I didn't think of on the call. Haven't gotten a response yet. I also noticed that an acceptance to this program was posted last week.

Would it be a good idea for me to send a quick email to ask him about my application's status? I looked through some old threads here and the advice seems mixed. It would really just be to ease my mind, although I need to give notice to my apartment complex by next week, as my current lease expires 60 days from then.

On the call, he mentioned that another professor I mentioned in my SoP was also interested in my application. But I haven't heard anything from that professor. Should I take that as a good sign?

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