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So I have two offers. I’m heavily leaning towards one school, but I’m worried that I’m making the wrong decision for my career and my life. Here are the pros and cons to each school:

A: allows me to do the research I’m passionate about; higher stipend; POI has offered me a publication already; lower cost of living; closer to home; PhD program; middle of nowhere

B: I’m not as passionate about the research; lower stipend; higher cost of living; further from home; MA program; more prestigious university; closer to big cities

Like I said, I’m heavily leaning towards A, but I’m worried that I’m making the wrong decision. School A isn’t as well known. Would it be harder to find an academic job afterwards if I went to A? Thanks!

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Hey there! Congratulations! What's your program? A few things to consider:

1. What's school A's placement rate? They may be less prestigious on (often outdated) national rankings, but they might have a good reputation regardless and place people in great jobs. You might check their website or with the graduate office for that data. Where are graduates working? Also, if you're thinking of doing a PhD later, you might do well to go to school A and really shine, then go to a "more prestigious" university after. 

2. Talk to current students! Most websites have the graduate students listed and you can email them, or ask your POI if they might have a student in mind with similar interests you can speak to.

3. Where will you be happy? Burnout is real, and if school A is calling to you in all these ways perhaps you should go there.

I'd say to check the fist two and visit, for sure! Again, if you're planning to stop at the MA, some factors may weigh more heavily than if you wanted another degree after. Either way, I'm sure you aren't making a wrong decision, just a different one. Congratulations again! 

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Hey, thanks for commenting. I’ve taken a long time to consider it and I’ve made my decision. I’ve decided to go with school A. Of the offers I have, it is by far the most appealing, and I can’t see myself going to any of the schools I haven’t heard from yet. My program is psychology btw!

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