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Biostatistics PhD Brown vs. Boston U


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Hi everyone,

Would anybody like to share the opinions or any information to compare BU and Brown in Biostatistics PhD?

It is exciting to have been accepted to both of them. I graduated from BU in statistics master program, and have two years of working experience in a research group where I am already familiar with a professor in Biostat at BU, and because of these, I am more familiar with BU and its Biostat program/faculty.

Brown is new to me, and I know their program is relatively new, which actually is one of the concerns. I talked to one of the professors there who is very nice. They currently provide an unofficial offer and is waiting for my response. I will definitely be visiting brown. Both of them have their strengths and not easy for me to decide. Any information about them would be super helpful for me. Thank you for any comment.

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Congratulations on the two offers! They are both great places to go!

I don't know much about these two programs, but my friend graduated from Brown said the placement is pretty good, and the program is hiring more great professors these years. Brown is a new program, which may also mean the future ranking could be higher than where it is now. I believe it is a considerable choice compared with BU. 

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