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Turned-down thread

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I just turned down my PhD admissions offer from Indiana. The faculty there were great and I respect their work, but the overall offerings of the program did not make it a perfect fit, and I decided I wanted to take more time to build skills and apply to more places next time, especially now that I've gotten into a funded Master's program. I e-mailed my POI, who is also the director of graduate studies, and included in the e-mail a form formally turning down my offer. It was difficult but I hope the professors at Indiana understand, and will update this thread regarding the responses I receive.

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I also had to turn down a Ph.D offer from Indiana. In my case, the scholarship package just wasn't enough for me go there. I did get a response that asked me where I have decided to go for Ph.D. I really liked my POI there, but even before I could seriously consider going there, the financial obstacle was simply insurmountable. 

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