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Other Studio Diploma Programs like SMFA Tufts?


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Hey all! 

I'm trying to find a program where I can take studio art courses without being confined to 1 discipline and where I don't have to complete general education or liberal arts degrees. Basically, I want to complete the "foundational-year studies" that some art schools offer. The only program I've been able to find is the SMFA Tufts Studio Diploma. Any other ideas? 


Background info: 

  1. Graduated undergrad in humanities/social sciences and did not take a single art course 
  2. I'm in a Master of Liberal Arts program w/ arts concentration (it's an elite liberal arts college that wanted to make extra money on the side so they basically offer these grad courses that are "accelerated" versions of the undergraduate courses already offered). So while they're technically grad courses, they fall in line with community college courses with heavy theory emphasis 
  3. In short, I just don't have any of the foundational knowledge to make a decision on what I want to study for an MFA (interdisciplinary or single-discipline) 
  4. I still can't draw. 

Any suggestions would be super appreciated!! 

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In this case, you should look into Art post-baccalaureate programs. Post-bacs have a spotty reputation as a money-making scheme but if you truly feel like you're not ready for graduate level work, it's a great option. It's basically designed to get your portfolio up to MFA level competitiveness, and could be consider foundation. And if you do well in your post-bac, there's a good chance, the school will accept you to their MFA program. SAIC, UC Berkley, Colorado, SMFA and lots of others offer this kind of program. 


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