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Georgetown McCourt vs. SFS

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Hey all, I am trying to get a better understanding of the differences between Georgetown McCourt and SFS to determine which to apply to (or if I should apply for both).

I'm also curious about the differences between the different programs within each school (McCourt MPP/MIDP, SFS MS Foreign Service, MA Security Studies, MS Global Human Development). My interests are in US policy responses to international pre-conflict or conflict situations, which would involve analysis of the conflict and pros/cons of different US response options. This makes me think that I should be leaning toward a more internationally-geared and quantitatively rigorous degree. 

I have compared the core courses for each program but am still not entirely sure of which would be the best fit (other than probably eliminating the SFS MA in Security Studies because it doesn't have much of a quant component). Funding is also a concern so if one tends to fund more than the others that would be useful information. Any current students out there (or people with knowledge of the different programs) who could provide some insight? 

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