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SLPA insight needed

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Hi there. I'm curious if any current or former SLPA could give me some insight.  If one wanted to work as an SLPA, but does not have an undergrad degree in CSD, would one need to pursue a certificate program? A second bachelors?  Or could one just complete the required course work as non-degree-seeking?  I am currently working on pre-reqs for grad programs through Longwood University, but I'm curious if I do not get accepted into a Master's program, would I be able to work as an SLPA without an actual program certificate but with the required coursework completed?  Also, how do I go about researching state requirements for working as an SLPA?  I am mostly focused on working in Florida, Kentucky, Tennessee, or Virginia, but really I am open to anywhere.  I do not know if all of these states recognize or allow SLPA work.   Any input you can share with me would be so helpful and appreciated.  Thank you!

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